autumn I adore

The simple things that make me happy. An old fashioned whistling kettle after my electric one kicked the bucket. Puzzles. And I did it. I made bread. I baked it on a Sunday and it was lunch bag bound all week. It was then and there that I decided I would do this each and every Sunday. But of course that was 4 weeks ago and it's been store bought ever since. This weekend I have hopes for more bread making, apple picking and soup stirring. Hello autumn - I adore you.

The whole wheat honey oat bread recipe was found here. It's a sweet little book...


  1. we must both be busy...up early blogging on a friday morning because there is no other time to get to it!!!
    (well, that is what I am doing, at least)

    I like the bread...a lot...
    want to open a bakery with me????

    have a beautiful autumn weekend

  2. soups went on the menu this week...i am craving soups...

    maybe I should try making bread while the little one has class next looks sooo yummy! Except I am already +37 lbs with this baby (might as well be +300 lbs)

    Happy Fall!

  3. wow...totally impressed with the bread. Not so sure i have those skills...but give me a puzzle anyday...

  4. Love these have me craving a cozy cup of tea.

  5. Happy Autumn to you girl! Loving the look of the bread and although I have not made it in years I may just have to click on your link and give it a try. It will not be this Sunday as they are calling for 30 tomorrow with the humidity ~ crazy!

  6. Teaching myself how to make beautiful bread is something I really want to do - I will be checking out that recipe pronto!

    I thought I would share - these are few small things that made me happy recently :-)

  7. love your pics! even your bread is photo worthy in a way mine never are :) so delish looking

    are u a fan of the salted caramel hot choc? i'm so addicted!

  8. Great photos, Tara. It is a cool and wet day here in our part of southern Ontario and that bread looks delicious and the oven would really warm things up. Inspiring me to bake something! I added your blog to my new list of favourite Canadian bloggers.

  9. Your bread looks yummy! I am on a bread making kick. Will have to try this recipe! Thanks for sharing!


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