The pendulum is swinging high on both sides lately...we are feeling either great sadness or joy...relief or anxiety.  Somethings never change however and that includes our annual apple pick.  This year it was HOT and unseasonable so.  Charlotte had her head in a book the entire time and Court spent most of it in the tops of trees.  I drank cold cider instead of hot and didn't know whether to be happy or sad about it.  I settled on being unsettled. 

There is so much change happening and I relish in it but I'm not quite ready to share it. It has something to do with our big old red maple and how much I am going to miss it.

This weekend we will make our pile of leaves even bigger and may find our cheeks turn rosy too.


  1. I love that photo of Court's legs with the rest of him disappearing up into the apple tree. Personally I loved the warm weather we had over Thanksgiving weekend, but it did feel a bit strange. We had a fellow from India join us for Thanksgiving dinner so I blame/credit him for the unseasonably warm weather.

    Great find in getting a HBC blanket at a thrift store.

  2. Letting go of a grandaddy tree is a difficult thing to do.

    I found it hard to let go of a few teenage maples when we landscaped...even though we replaced them with multiples of younger trees...

    :) it's a blustery day today!

  3. Thanksgiving week-end was gorgeous here too Tara ~ we broke records. Some things were meant to be chilly and I can see why you felt unsettled about the orchard ~ I would too ~ I think.... but I sure do love still being able to wear flip flops. :o)
    That tree is gorgeous ~ I can see why you are heartbroken.

  4. Those hot days seem so so long ago already. Too sad about the tree. That swing looks like a spot full of memories.

  5. anxiety and worry...hmph.
    I hate those two.
    They suck.

  6. praying for u in your unsettledness. things will work out. it's the not knowing precisely how ahead of time that tends to do us in. romans 8:28 ♥
    beautiful pics. i just got the same little streak charlotte has done in my hair.
    you're such a great mom providing tradition and sweet everyday experiences for those two cuties

  7. gorgeous the one of your little guy climbing the tree!


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