there is the smell of wood smoke in the air

It was a tea sipping and apple cake eating kind of day where we dug in the basement bins to find last years mittens.  I also realized today that I brought a school book back to the town library and the only thing that surprised me about the whole thing was that it was the first time I have done so.  

I picked up this Hudson's Bay blanket while thrifting during the heat wave of July and it was almost painful bringing it home but I have longed for one and simply couldn't pass it by.  It is by far my best ever f i n d.  

We've traded barbecue for braising and are letting the oven warm the kitchen.  I find we're lingering there too.  There is company during the clean-up and Court asks me to dance as soon as Patty Griffin comes on...and so we do.   


  1. I want to be in your kitchen...not in my living room with a wad of used tissues and head cold that could kill a monkey.

    I need to enjoy October...
    I am afraid I am missing it...

  2. nice blankie! i am very jealous!

    How did you wash it? I have a wool throw I thrifted and I am scared to wash it...but NEED to wash it...

  3. I agree with the washing question... same blanket, no idea how to clean it. How about dry cleaning?
    BTW,I am throwing away all my vases and replacing them with bell jars...

  4. Its a good thing you toughed it out in the heat - gorgeous blanket.

    For anyone curious about how to wash wool, I just blogged about a super cheap and eco-friendly option:

  5. Those blankets are classic Tara ~ to find one in good shape in definitely a find. Loving this time of year too ~ nesting ~ slow cooked meals ~ baking but today is cold, wet and rainy ~ feels more like late fall to me ~ biting the bullet tonight and turning on the furnace....

  6. all sounds so soothing. oh that blanket...such a good find.

  7. Great find on the Hudson Bay blanket! As for mason jars, we love to drink sweet tea or lemonade from them. Not very seasonally appropriate, but it's enjoyable nonetheless.

  8. You are the loveliest, as I've said so many times.... :):) ... even reading this little post puts a smile in my day :) And - I just tossed out lots of glasses & replaced them with mason jars for regular use... love them! xo ~i

  9. After the sunshine & warmth of the long weekend, it's hard to believe it's October! But I'm sure that gorgeous Hudson Bay blanket will be coming in handy soon :-) I don't blame you for not passing it by - I would have snapped it up too!

    Enjoy the tea sipping and braising and dancing :-)


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