it was a Halloweeny weekend

Now that we are moving into the city I've become a little obsessed with bloggers who live in the city.  If they can do it, so can I! I found Sharon through Joanna who linked to this post about 3 kids 1 room! Adorable.

And then when I lurked around Sharon's blog a little more, I found this little tidbit...

What is a balanced life anyway? I think it's a life that gives ample time and effort to things that really matter.

Yes, I do too!  And that's why we are moving in a nutshell.  I want to have time for what really matters. 

I think our Realtor was surprised when I asked to see our new home.  She said it wasn't really a "family home" but maybe I would see different.  I did.  And when she said, as we were walking out of it..." you know this is a place that you can just enjoy"...I knew it was the ONE.  So we are getting rid of stuff we don't really need, keeping only what we love and what makes us happy, and in turn hopefully finding time for what matters.  

Some pictures from our crazy birthday & Halloween weekend which found us pumpkin hiding, decorating and carving...


  1. I wonder why its not a family home?

    no backyard? no laundry? Only one bathroom? only one floor? no family room?

    what part of town are you moving too?

    You know people around the world raise kids in condos/apartments or even share homes with extended family...I never really get why we need so much space (of course, this is coming from a woman living comfortably in a four bedroom home)

  2. man, I seem illiterate, I know...

    why IT'S not a family home

    and moving TO?

  3. We bought our first home with a family in mind. When the kids finally arrived, we found we didn't want to spend time on a big house, we didn't spend hours romping in the backyard and our kids were not really part of the community in the way we thought they would be. This was our home more so than theirs...Sold!

    Good luck with your new adventure!

  4. Oh girl!!! I don't know if I've commented before...but I've read! WE live in a little bungalow in the burbs of Toronto. It was a two bedroom when we moved in...and we have three kids. It has no basement, no garage, etc, etc. But we love it and we make it work...and we blog about it! I would love to connect with another local blogger!


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