most loved

The house is quiet except for my ipod that continues to play in the kitchen.  It is because the children are with grandparents and the tv is blessedly off.  I should be packing boxes or sweeping the dust balls that I keep kicking around but it feels so good to just be still for a minute.  I found this picture on the camera - it's a present from Court.  He wrapped up a stuffed bunny for me after dinner and gave it to me at bedtime.  I had just fallen in his bed, reading book in hand and was thinking that I couldn't possibly take one more second of...anything.  He asked me to close my eyes and that nearly put me over the edge.  In fact, I think I even told him that I was tired and wanted only to read the book and go to bed when he presented me with his gift wrapped in craft paper and embellished with a painters tape pouf.

This quiet moment has allowed me to remember that moment.  A moment where a Mommy most tired remembered she was a Mommy most loved.


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