thank you house

The moving in has kind of stalled as the day to day has taken over along with a sprinkling of holiday activities.  I don't know when the pile in our living room will disperse and for now I'm deciding not to notice it. It is the tree instead that draws my attention as well as the fire in our modern fireplace - just one of the many things I absolutely love about our new place.

Another would be the bath.  Court shares in my affection and is happy to spend time splashing around.  He has even slept through the night consistently for the past week which has resulted in better moods all around and my clearer complexion.  Thank you Court. Thank you house.


  1. your modern fireplace looks lovely. enjoy your new home!

  2. I can't wait to see how you pull this new house together...I love your style. I agree, do not even look at the pile in the living room...just enjoy the holidays together.
    Gorgeous tile work in the bathroom btw!

  3. was the shark and ruffle shower curtain included in your new home?

    many blessings...
    it's going to be beautiful

    like you

  4. Love the bathroom tile! Cant wait to see the rest of the house when you get to put your touches on it :)


    ps - love how the shark matches the design of the bathroom. it would have been such a design faux pas if he was turquoise.....LOL

  5. Love the shower curtain. Can you share where you purchased it????

  6. Anon - The curtain was bought at Target last year. I hope you can stil find it!

  7. Thank-you for the reply on the shower curtain. Can't wait until Target comes to Canada.


  8. Oh goodness, the bathroom tile is fantastic!! soo pretty and well the kid with the goggles on it soo stinkin' cute! my son does that too! BOYS! got to love 'em! Happy new year Tara~ muwahh


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