Today was a cleaning day.  After having such a busy weekend before this...

which ran right smack into a busy work week....

an absolutely dreadful work week...

a not even able to take a quick lunch break work week...

my house was a wreck.

All week I ignored the spit marks in the bathroom sinks, pulled clean clothes from a bucket of unfolded laundry to dress the kids, and tossed, literally, Lego men, stuffed animals and transformer pieces into the play room and shut the door.

I tackled it all today while Kevin and the kids dropped donations off to our local food drive and went bowling. Court must have been pleased with that.

When they arrived home this afternoon Court insisted on making these...

courtesy of chickaDEE magazine circa 2009.

He was so excited about them...my little fruitarian.

Far too excited to wait the THREE hours it was going to take to produce one of these.

So after chopping up some fruit into teeny tiny pieces...

and demanding Charlotte eat some yogurt to free up a container...

we filled the container with the fruit, topped it up with some juice and waited only ONE hour.

While Court slurped his 'sicle, I, in need of a reward for all my hard work, slipped out the door. 

I headed off to a local junk store in search of some treasure.

I walked away from a vintage school blackboard with wood frame and ledge for chalk that I am starting to regret...

it was $40...

and instead bought these four bowls for $7.

Because I need bowls.

I don't need another chalkboard.

Or do I?

They might be open tomorrow...

the art of play

Tonight I abandoned the dirty dishes as soon as I heard his Boston accent...

and sat my but down.

I remember convincing Kevin to take me to see Good Will Hunting...

thinking it was a movie he would love.  That was long ago.   We didn't need a babysitter. Our car had a stick shift.  I probably wore perfume.

I'm still in awe at the writing...some of the best quotes ever.


Monday was the Family Day holiday and as I was looking up public swim times at the local pool, Kevin planned a surprise trip to the Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, NY...

Charlotte loved the "science room"...

they both loved working at Wegmans...

and exploring...everything.

The mail room.

Tinker toys!

Life aboard a ship.

Superhero strength.


It was a fabulous day...

made possible by my spontaneous and munificent husband ♥


A long run.

Bright morning sun.

A blustery walk to the book shop.


pish posh

As I write this the five year old is downstairs and he keeps screaming about something. I just can't respond. 

I am no longer the miserable person I was a couple of days ago...

however there is an uneasiness I am feeling and I can't quite shake it.

I think Court just threw something.

I don't think Court is helping my mood.

Can you believe that Court wrote out 23 valentines with first and last names?

And he was the only one to do that.

I am a fool.

All those other parents said pish posh.

Not I.


not I. 

But Court and I kind of had fun...

writing those valentines...

in the four person tent...

in my living room.

We actually laughed at the absurdity.  But of course we kept going.

That is what we do.

We just keep going.  And we laugh.

one and only...

Today I got a valentine from my love and it was just like him...

funny & surprising & sweet ♥.

If I were to give him a valentine that was like me...

the way I have been the last couple of days...

it would have been ugly...

with absolutely no sense of humour.

Ugh. I have been horrible. And I am so very sorry.

There is a 4 person tent in my living room?

Court still has 7 valentines to finish "to-ing" and "from-ing"...
complete with first and last names as suggested by his teacher.

And all I want to do is slow dance with Kevin in the kitchen...

to this song.

My dearest love...

meet. me. there.



The start of this week found me in bed for twenty-four hours with two sick kiddos by my side and a husband on his way to Montreal.  The virus was so very un-kind.

But Laura wrote a sweet post on Wednesday on acts of kindness which pulled me up from my depths of puking despair and I found myself in receipt of such acts of kindness from all around.

♥ A colleague who, for no apparent reason, felt the need to come up mid-day and tell me how much I meant to her.

♥ Two valentines, complete with surprise gift cards,  arriving in the mailbox for my two recovering kids to distract and inspire them. Thank you D.

I am determined to find ways to do something this weekend to reciprocate on these sweet acts as Laura suggested.  I will also be making some Valentines with my crafty Court.

We have decided on a version of these

pirate valentines and photo from mer mag

Court would like to make them bigger...

and the felt eye-patches removable, to be worn by the recipient...

and I think that might actually be possible.

craving comfort

I made the mistake last night of going to bed in a little tank instead of my usual long sleeves and I found it nearly impossible to rise this morning from beneath my warm duvet.

The cold has me craving comfort.  Wool sweaters.  Thick socks.  Corduroy.  Oatmeal.

I have now made this Blackberry Farm granola twice and realize I just may never buy store bought again.

I decreased the amount of sugar for my taste and added just a hint of cinnamon.  I have also added apples, both fresh and dried, and occasionally throw in pecans.  Court shares in my love of oats and he usually takes his plain, right before bed. 

The pumpkin loaf from last week is long gone. 

I was surprised at the kids affection for it...pleased to think they were getting such a super food...albeit in a sweet package.  They must be craving comfort too.

reptiles and electronics

I have never felt more together on a Friday.

I am usually done...spent...exhausted...
but not this week.

And I have the snow day to thank for it. 

It happened right in the middle of the week...like the surprise caramel you find in the centre of a cupcake.

So sweet. 

The kids woke up on Wednesday and stayed in their inside out PJ's all morning.  While they ate overnight popcorn and pancakes with bacon, they created books. 

Court's is called Reptiles and Electronics.  Of course it is.

You will find an iguana next to an iPod...a snake next to a television set...a baby triceratops next to a remote control.

That's the baby triceratops above...just in case you were confusing it with something else...like an adult triceratops.

While the kids made books and played in the snow I did lots of fun stuff...

like organizing LEGO.

Like I said, I've never felt so together...♥

hello February...

January you were a blur.

And to be honest...

I hope you are too February.  I have had just about enough of winter.

We are bracing for a big storm by popping corn and loading up on movies.  Yesterday I baked macaroni & cheese and loaves of pumpkin bread to warm my kitchen.  The wind is whistling around the door and windows that surround me so that even my woolliest of woolly socks cannot keep my feet warm. 

But February has a sweet side too...

and so does my husband.

Yesterday as I bustled about the kitchen amidst the post baking mess, he walked up with a serious face and asked me to look at something...

was it a note from the teacher? An overdue bill that had gotten lost in the shuffle?


I looked at it and then up at him and we both burst out laughing.  It was just so corny.

But so sweet.  And that's why I love him so.