pretty posies

Our days have been spent working on the house - there is the ongoing kitchen renovation...the filling and patching of holes from the electrical update...and of course the wee powder room reno.  I have been trying really hard to remain sane.  I admit it hasn't been easy.

I am missing my camera.  The iPod is a poor substitute.  I was inspired by the Coriander Girl article in Pure Green Living  online magazine to make a couple of posies for two favourite friends on Saturday...

I needed an excuse to get outside and away from the chaos inside and this was it.

In one week we will celebrate Charlotte's 10th birthday.  She has requested the same cake I surprised her with last year...

Cake inspiration was found here.

and this year I am hoping to surprise her with a version of the bag Jade made for her daughter here.

But first I have to sweep the plaster dust from my fabric scraps...

A post where I use the words unsettled, unravel and frazzled mess

There is nothing like spending some time in the ER on a Thursday afternoon....

total awesomeness.

I'm feeling unsettled and this almost made me completely unravel.

I just happened to be at the school when it occurred...the accident that caused Court to need two staples in his head.  I was in the gym looking forward to hearing Charlotte sing.  A student ran in saying that there was a bleeder on the playground.  I hoped it wasn't my bleeder.

It was my bleeder.

The staples are now out.  I extracted them last night and both Court and I decided that I wasn't very good at it.  I was a frazzled mess when the ER Dr. explained how to do it so this is not surprising.

Last night I felt like I did that first night in the hospital after Charlotte was born.  Charlotte was full of mucous.  Aren't you glad you are still reading?  Anyhoo...Charlotte brought up all over her little newborn self.  I looked around.  There was only me...and her. It was then that I realized that I was the only one that was going to have to deal with this.  I was the mother.  Mother's clean up their puky babies...and extract staples. The end.

Kevin and I got a date night on Sunday after both kids were invited to sleepovers.  Such a gift.  I pretended I was Miss James and Kevin captured me with his iphone. 

Ridiculous.  That's what happens when wine is $1 an ounce.  Thank you Earth to Table.

if you don't know where I am...look on pinterest

I'm getting lost in Pinterest. Are you?

This morning I found the perfect inspiration for our kitchen renovation in a pin by Staci Edwards...

Kitchenlab-Chicago via pinterest/staci edwards

which incorporates what we already have ie. white cupboards, subway tile...

with what we will be building ie. a contrasting cupboard with marble top.

I was so happy to see the dark wood trim! Seriously jumping up and down happy.  Because as much as I would love to paint all the trim in our dining room/living room I don't have the time, energy or money to do it.

I am also jumping up and down for the toilet that was re-installed in my powder room this past weekend.

I'm hoping it will stop Court from peeing off the back stoop. Jumpy claps all around for that. 

Here he is before dashing off to a Super Spy birthday party on Sunday...

and here he is on the stoop...not peeing.

I pulled out a size 2 blazer from storage and made a bow tie out of black felt to transform him into James Bond. It worked.

Oh no he didn't...

oh yes...yes, he did.

This is what I saw when I walked in the door on Thursday after work.  It was dinner time.  There was an open house at the school.  I was ready to turn around and walk out...

and keep walking.

Did I tell you my husband is a spontaneous sort of person?  Did I tell you I'm not really a spontaneous sort of person?

We had talked about one day opening up our kitchen to the dining room beyond...but in a one day sort of way.

I guess for Kevin...

that one day was Thursday.

It didn't really matter that our little powder room renovation was still ongoing.  Or that the electrical updating we have been doing, we were still in the middle of.  I rationalize that because we were already being inconvenienced by those projects he thought why not be inconvenienced a little more.

Here's what it looks like this morning...

you don't want to see what I look like this morning. 

But it will get better.

In the mean time I'm happy that my branches are finally flowering...

the branches that I found covered with a drop cloth and inches of dust on Thursday have been rescued and placed in my dressing room/office.  My little refuge from the chaos and commotion of the rest of my home.

I will also find refuge in my mom this morning...and a shared pot of tea.

Happy mother's day.

P.S. We have a plan...sort of.  I would love to hear your ideas for my new open space:)

pop up pillow

What do you do when your house is covered in plaster dust, laundry is piled waist high and you still have tile to grout? You make a pillow cover.

That's what I did on Sunday when I found myself alone in the house for one whole hour.

I rescued this remnant of a bed spread from the drop cloth pile and turned it into a little pillow.  Don't look closely as it was nearly impossible to find a big enough piece without some paint splatter.

I feel a bit of a cold coming on.  It's hard to avoid when your kids hand you their snotty tissues.  There is nothing I would like to do more at this very moment than lay my head down on my new nubby cushion and rest up.  I am however off to a very long day of work which will find me coming home in the dark.  Perhaps tomorrow...

Dinos and a recipe...

My boy is busy.  On Saturday evening, after I insisted that 8:30 pm was not the time to start sewing stuffed dogs, Court gave me a detailed account of what we would be doing the following day.  He did add in a couple of moments where he would "let me clean up".  How thoughtful of him.

One of the things he has been asking to do for some time is to make wire dinosaurs.  This is because we had started a project like this some time ago and had abandoned it, for lack of a better word.  On Sunday, after he had let me clean up, I agreed to start the project...

which involves making a dinosaur shape out of wire...I used picture hanging wire...

and then building upon the wire frame with newspaper, bits of tissue...

and then papier mache.

Once the dino is dry, you can paint it.  I am told that is what we are doing today.

And since we are speaking of papier mache...there is an inspiring children's online magazine of the same name.

Go here to check it out.

For the lovely girls who requested my french lemon tart  recipe, it is below...

Lemon Tart Filling recipe