A change of a dress

We are moving.  It has been in the works for some time.  It was two summers ago in fact that we decided this big, old,  rambling house was just too much for us.  We worked hard turning it into something that someone else would love and someone has finally fallen. Head over heels, thank goodness, for my house with the nooks and crannies and the big old maple tree.

We are trading suburbia for the city.

A two car garage for a parking pad.

A wide house for a skinny one.

And a big back yard for a park across the street.

It is exciting and terrifying at the same time. Kind of like the birthday party I'm throwing today for Court and a bunch of his 6 year old friends.  I'm doing it out of love but I really have no idea what to expect.

Wish me luck...

thoughts for a Wednesday morning

Charlotte likes hair accessories

It has been windy lately which causes the windows in this old house to rattle. It's like someone is begging to come in.  It could be kind of creepy but it isn't because it is home and I'm used to it.  Just like the shadows coming off the porch from the hanging lights that are swinging back and forth.  I'm sitting in the dark in the wee hours of the morning like I usually do, finding inspiration online and catching up with friends.  Sometimes the online world can be a daunting place but I find myself more grateful for it than overwhelmed most of the time.  In many ways it has made my life more full over these past two years.  I have found my style so to speak and as such can narrow down my one fall purchase to a little sweater and shop my closet for everything else.  It allowed  this craft idea to pop in my head, which the always inspiring Jennifer pinned on Pinterest, when Court brought out the paints.  It pushed me to make this butternut squash soup on the weekend, instead of staring at the big gourd any longer.  And it brought me the most simple recipe for pizza dough that nourishes my kids and makes them feel proud of their own culinary creation...


The pendulum is swinging high on both sides lately...we are feeling either great sadness or joy...relief or anxiety.  Somethings never change however and that includes our annual apple pick.  This year it was HOT and unseasonable so.  Charlotte had her head in a book the entire time and Court spent most of it in the tops of trees.  I drank cold cider instead of hot and didn't know whether to be happy or sad about it.  I settled on being unsettled. 

There is so much change happening and I relish in it but I'm not quite ready to share it. It has something to do with our big old red maple and how much I am going to miss it.

This weekend we will make our pile of leaves even bigger and may find our cheeks turn rosy too.

there is the smell of wood smoke in the air

It was a tea sipping and apple cake eating kind of day where we dug in the basement bins to find last years mittens.  I also realized today that I brought a school book back to the town library and the only thing that surprised me about the whole thing was that it was the first time I have done so.  

I picked up this Hudson's Bay blanket while thrifting during the heat wave of July and it was almost painful bringing it home but I have longed for one and simply couldn't pass it by.  It is by far my best ever f i n d.  

We've traded barbecue for braising and are letting the oven warm the kitchen.  I find we're lingering there too.  There is company during the clean-up and Court asks me to dance as soon as Patty Griffin comes on...and so we do.