It has been a lovely holiday, albeit too short for me who headed back into the office yesterday where I must admit I spent much of the day staring out the window and day dreaming.  Although I didn't accomplish what I had hoped to this year (handmade gifts, cookie baking) it was a special Christmas in our new house which is really starting to feel like home.  Slowly we are finding a place for things and settling in and I'm looking forward to sharing it.  Our project list is very short, thank goodness, and includes painting one wall and hanging a chandelier.  The only thing holding us back is time and the pull of my children who would rather have my attention than a finished house.  The house, like so many other things, may have to wait.

thank you house

The moving in has kind of stalled as the day to day has taken over along with a sprinkling of holiday activities.  I don't know when the pile in our living room will disperse and for now I'm deciding not to notice it. It is the tree instead that draws my attention as well as the fire in our modern fireplace - just one of the many things I absolutely love about our new place.

Another would be the bath.  Court shares in my affection and is happy to spend time splashing around.  He has even slept through the night consistently for the past week which has resulted in better moods all around and my clearer complexion.  Thank you Court. Thank you house.

Moving pictures

While we moved houses, Court coloured a really big picture.  He drew our new house and our old one, some friends, the school, the library.  We visited our new library on Saturday which is a block away and around a corner. It is small but delightful.  The librarian Jackie told me how she moved into the neighbourhood 15 years ago and how much she loves it.  I already love it. So much.

If you get up on a drizzly Monday morning, realize you have almost nothing to fill the lunch bags, this is what you will see as you walk to the bakery for fresh bagels.  And it will make you happy.