I have been MIA.  

When I am feeling low and stressed, I find that I don't write. Apparently the same is true when I am feeling grand, for the blog is being ignored.  I have been thinking about what I want to do with this little space of mine. Both in terms of our new house and online.   Our life has changed, I've changed a little along with it and I think my blog will change too. 

I've embraced the city and I find I love her a lot.  I love the stairs that I climb every weekend that travel up the Niagara Escarpment and make me feel strong and weak at the same time.  All 326 of them. 

I love the vinyl recording of Charlotte's Web I found on James St. N. and we enjoyed this week.  It played while I did the dishes and Charlotte followed along in her book. 

And this song that I'm playing over and over.  A love song of sorts that I just can't get enough of.


  1. I am glad you wrote today!
    I have been thinking about you a lot.
    Wondering how things are going.

    You know that I know about change.
    It takes a long while to find yourself again.
    My personal experience with my move was that I absolutely lost who I was...
    the miracle in all of it?
    I REdiscovered who I TRULY am meant to be.

    Change is hard.
    It pulls and tugs at us, hurts our limbs and hearts, and adds stress and confusion, causes us (ME) to make some very poor choices, and rocks our world as we know it. It demands so much of brings us to our knees, it gets us looking up, it helps us find our strength, and gives us clarity and wisdom.

    I can not wait to see the you, your home, and your little space here.

    We are so very much on the same page you know...
    cake is absolutely about to take a new and wild turn.

    We need change.

    Good luck to you, you beautiful girl!
    I feel grand things about to happen.

  2. Hi sweet girl... well - I love your post; and you; and all of the wonderful things I know you will do .. coz you always do. So special, talented, creative and such a wondeful person; I can't wait to see what you do.. with everything you're working on. And I know just how perfect and lovely everything will be :) xoxoxo
    Love ~i

  3. Things were bound to change Tara as so much in your life has changed. I have been wondering how you are doing and it is so good to see you. Embrace the change ~ I cannot wait to see what you do with your little space. xo

  4. my year will be similar. move in the works. new job. trying not to get overwhelmed. etc. can't wait to see little bits of your new house. u have great stylings and i love your take on life. the book on tape is sweet. i loved that sort of thing as a kid. and my 14 year old still goes to sleep listening to audio books (now they are heavier -- currently CS Lewis' screwtape letters ;) not sure how he sleeps.

  5. Hey! I have been MIA too. Life with a one year old and a group of first graders leaves little time to blog! Glad to be back on the circuit. Emmylou is my new favorite song. Emmylou, herself, isn't bad either. My husband introduced me to First Aid Kit a few weeks ago after one of the surgeons he works with wanted them played during surgery one day. Glad to be reading your blog again!


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