house love

Apparently donuts and cinnabuns are pretty high on the list of things my children love. We encountered this installation while cruising Queen Street West in Toronto on the weekend. A little weekend get away courtesy of Kevin where we dined at an old haunt, watched the kids swim in the hotel pool and spent a long time wandering the stacks in the bookstore.

We came home on Sunday to the house which is on the top of my love list.  We have done very little and yet it is slowly coming together or perhaps it is me that is simply feeling more at home. Court's book shelves and pictures were finally hung in his room and I found a spot for the Shanna Murray decal I have coveted for some time. I like to think of the kids and Kevin falling into the house from the after school pick up and stomping the snow off their boots and reading the little love note. I try not to think about how much I wish I was the one waiting outside the school to get the big hug from Charlotte and to see Courtland cooly ignore me as he runs off with his friends. I am still at my desk at that time although it will be only an hour later that I will find myself home and for that I am grateful. The light still in the sky as I stomp the snow off of my boots and I hear Court yell Mommy's home.


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