week's end

It's a sleepover night in our house where each of the kids have a guest.  I'm in bed ripping Cd's from the library while they watch a movie and stuff themselves with popcorn.  I've got the best of Sam Cooke, the essential Carole King, Missy Higgins and the Walkmen - it's an unusual mix- but all me. 

I do love that it's the end of the week and am especially looking forward to the extra day to come at the tail of this weekend to draw it out. Fridays though usually kill me and tonight is no exception. What I wouldn't give for just a hot bath and to let myself fall asleep with my book in hand. But the kids need to settle before I do or Kevin needs to come home and I don't know what will happen first. My love sent flowers to the office on Valentine's day - a romantic gesture of the utmost kind.  I have one of the white roses at my bedside, the one which broke away from the bouquet when the kids excitedly took it from me, and I'm reminded that flowers really are such a lovely indulgence.

One of the Cd's is skipping and someone is calling for a drink of water after the salty popcorn. I'm off to convince the boys it's bedtime.


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