Easter weekend

This was the extent of my Easter decor. Some pretty brown market eggs in my robin's egg blue Pyrex bowl. The kids did paint some eggs however, using a technique that Kevin suggested??!  They swirled the eggs around in a sieve to which they had added splotches of paint. Unfortunately they decided to use blue, red and yellow. All three primary colours when swirled together make a mostly muddy brown colour. So the brown eggs became...brown eggs.

There were a couple of comments  about Court's skinny jeans in my last post.  The skinny jeans are the only.pants.he.will.wear. We are now down to two pairs that don't have holes in the knees and so on school days you will find me desperately holding up some relaxed ones and pleading for him to wear them.  I've also started to keep track of the first thing he says upon waking in the morning because it always makes me smile. The latest was "Mom...can you bring me my Captain America costume?" 

The backyard is coming alive and I'm hanging sheets on a line.  I put a load in the washer in the morning and come home at lunch to hang them and they dry while I'm at work.

And thank you Instagram for droid users. You can find me @cinnamonpost. 


  1. I HAVE THAT PYREX BOWL!!!!! It belonged to my grandma.

    And Nick asks for his captain america costume all the time :-)

  2. Oh my gosh too funny about the brown eggs. Love your photos!

  3. Beautiful pics- just added you on instagram :)

  4. cute post. little c will also only wear his skinnies. if they are not available he will settle (loudly) for pj's ;)


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