little hands

Little hands. I love the little hands in some of the shots above.  Even Charlotte's that you can't really see, but the way they are tucked up under her.  I look down at my own hands, 39 years old they are today, and I see my mothers. 

What do you think of my new desk chair? I found it at the side of the road on one of my early morning runs. I had to cut the run short, I did, in order to carry that treasure home. I imagine it had sat forlornly in some high rise basement laundry room and wonder what it has been replaced with. Something, I dare say, that will not last half as long as this one did.

We've spent some time up on the roof and I've placed a basket of blankets just outside the balcony door so that we can wrap ourselves up and watch the sun go down. I'm grateful to have a use for the quilt that was my grandmothers and that is too worn to employ elsewhere. 

Last year we went for pie on my birthday. We are now within walking distance to that little place and I'm finding myself feeling so lucky for that. And for the park across the street and the happy people in it. Oh what a year brings. 


  1. happy birthday babes! hope you have a lovely day with your family.

  2. What a year brings is right!

    Love your idea of the basket of blankets for watching the sun--such a good momma. Your littles will surely remember these days.

    Your home looks like it's straight out of a magazine!

  3. Happy Birthday! Your new place, the location and road side finds sounds lovely!

  4. hey birthday girl!!! wish I could send you some cake...actually, wish i could HAND DELIVER you some cake.
    maybe one day?
    a lot does happen in a year...ya never know.

    now, please teach me how to speak volumes of beauty with only a few words. I love that about you.

  5. happy birthday dear one!

    I was looking at my hands longer youthful...that's for sure!

  6. Happy Birthday to you Tara!! Look at you finding treasures in the city. Love the idea of the basket of blankets. I too have a much loved quite that has seen better days and I am making throw pillows out of it ~ gotta keep it around a bit longer I dare say. Enjoy your day sweetie. xo

  7. so sweet. happy bday! love court's skinny jeans. tres cute!

  8. Happy birthday Tara. We have to do a brunch with the whole group soon. We put in a new deck. Now for furniture and grass...sigh. The chair is a lovely find it reminds me of being very pregnant and carrying home Jacey's 1950 's change table!

  9. Happy Birthday! Love the skinny jeans on your little man - cute post & I couldn't agree more - love the little hands, feet, ears -

  10. A belated happy birthday to you Tara! Hope you were spoiled.

    I love little hands. I was just thinking about them too this weekend, when I put Chloe down for a nap and she folded her hands beneath her just like Charlotte above. Sounds like you are settling into your city life pretty swell.


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