I'm not spontaneous. I like to know what the plans are in advance and I don't like it when they change at the last moment. Finding out that your kids were signed up for an after-Easter egg hunt/ movie party on Friday night is kinda a nice thing however.  Suddenly figuring out what to do with a few hours of kid-free time is a challenge and we always waffle between seeing a movie or cozying up at a local pub. It seems the pub always wins.

During the week we have our routines - guitar on Monday, ballet on Wednesday, karate on Thursday...and the library on Tuesday.  The library is one block over and two blocks up and is only open in the evening a couple of days a week.  We like to take the back alley ways and start back home when the sun begins to set, our bag heavy with books.


  1. Your back alley is so much prettier than mine!! :-)

  2. you are adorable
    is this the new hair cut?
    you look fabulous

    I want to go to a Pub
    I want to go anywhere really
    good that you and your hubby do that

    that wine in your hand is killing me
    gave up drinking for Lent sick
    no wine with antibiotics
    makes me sad

  3. gorgeous gorgeous pic of you! love impromptu dates :)

  4. Yo look lovely! I crave some routine right about now.


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