hats and cats

This early morning I am listening to CBC 2 on the new radio that Kevin gifted me for my birthday earlier this month. I had hinted that I wanted it but surely didn't think he was really listening. He was paying attention apparently and I hope he knows just how much I love it. He must, because it is on all of the time.

Last week I took some leftover birthday money and visited a new Anthropologie on opening day with one of my loveliest of friends. It was an exciting day when I found out that store was coming to a town near me. A town where I used to live and where my kids were born and where we still have many friends. Due to my very limited budget I decided to get something that I just couldn't get anywhere else. A hat.

The rest of this past week has been busy. Court started soccer on a cold and rainy Monday.  He loved it.

He really did.

He's pretty excited about tonight because he is going to a sleepover. Here he is embellishing that fact on our blackboard in the kitchen. Please ignore the mess of shoes, books and bags behind him as apparently I do.

Not only is my boy gone tonight but Daddy will be too and that means a girls night! Charlotte and I are so excited. I think we'll see a movie and read our books in my bed until I will presumably fall asleep first.

There is another girl who will be hanging out with us tonight. Tess. Our newish cat who has finally decided to come out from under Charlotte's bed. Isn't she lovely? I can't believe I have a cat. And live in the city.

And am so happy about both.


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