me time

Earlier this week I took an afternoon off of work.  I needed to be available to do the school run but more than anything I just needed some time.  Time to actually put the laundry away instead of letting it sit in the baskets, time to clean out the fridge, time for me.  Me time involved a bit of Anthology reading and a bit of sewing.  I had picked up some screen printed fabric at a pop up shop this past summer (yes, that was almost a year ago) and was determined to finally make something.

It didn't take me long to sew two sides of a Bespoke Uprising tea towel into a pillow cover.  And then I used  Jenna Rose fabric swatches to make a couple of little buckets. I'm not sure what I'll use them for hold pencils, maybe some herbs. I just keep moving them around the kitchen admiring the natural colours I find myself so drawn to.

I've been participating this week in Fern and Feather's discussion about the book Simplicity Parenting. It's been an inspiring read. It's encouraging to know that the changes we've made have not hurt and in fact may be benefiting our kids.  So this weekend we are going to keep it simple.  I imagine there will be at least one hike in the forest and some digging in a dirt pile and of course some mom time too.  Happy weekend.


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