the little things

The Beastly Book – 100 of the World’s Most Dangerous Creatures.  That is the name of the most recent book Court put on hold at the library.  Our local branch is small. Very, very small. So small that the book selection is somewhat limited, especially when you are looking for a stack of books on say, dinosaurs, or sharks.  So if we don’t find what we are looking for in-branch we go to the online directory and request it from the city’s vast collection.  These books are delivered to our branch and wrapped with our names and sit on a shelf waiting for us. You’ve got books!  So thrilling. Just today the Ed Sheehan CD I requested weeks ago was finally available and an email popped up in my inbox telling me so – I was delighted. It's the little things. Snuggling on the roof top at dusk.

After party naps. 

This dress.

I'll apologize now to all family and friends who will surely be sick of seeing me in it this summer. So comfortable and shaving your legs is optional.


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