I can smell the rain through an open window in our bedroom. I imagine it to be the smell of English moors, of Wuthering Heights.  One can only take so many warm and sunshiny days and then you just want it a little nebulous.  I stayed up too late last night watching Melancholia and now I'm feeling a little "melancholia" - cue the rain.

The morning view from my bed below. I snapped this a couple of days ago when the sun still prevailed. I was hoping to capture the blue sky and cumulus clouds waiting outside those windows and the balcony door, but my photography skills are lacking and I most likely had to get myself to work and didn't have time to adjust settings. It is a beautiful view and it is almost impossible not to appreciate it each and every morning.

Monday afternoon and Charlotte and her guitar. Again the back light is pretty terrible but I just wanted to capture the moment.  We had arrived home at the same time. She, coming from a lesson, now old enough to walk herself, and I from work. She sits and plays and I start dinner and admire her and her new found independence.

The view from the stairs in the evening. At any given moment you are likely to find Kevin with his phone and Charlotte with a book and the radio on low.  Me, well I have abandoned that magazine and am walking Court upstairs to start the bedtime routine.  It now consists of us reading Harry Potter - he tackles one paragraph per page and then I read the rest aloud.


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