Rear View

I love our backyard even though I sometimes wonder if I stand in the middle and reach out with my arms that I could touch both sides.  It is serene and virtually maintenance free.  We brought the little cafe table and chairs from our old house and although I am happy to have a place to sit and have my morning coffee, it has felt a little out of place in the modern space. 

I watered down some grey paint that I had on hand and gave the set a little makeover this week.

Such a little change makes such a big difference.  And it was accomplished with very little effort and no expense.

Just to keep it real, I will show you my husband's contribution to the backyard.  I really can't take credit for this.

What, you don't stack your beer bottles outside like you did when you were in Uni?


  1. wow your backyard is so lovely. great job painting out your set! have a nice weekend!

  2. I adore your backyard and your homes exterior. It is just perfect! I love the calm color of gray and white and the silver lights. I even love your husbands addition of his empty beer bottles...adds a warm and real touch. The table you painted a shade of gray looks like the perfect spot for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Do you bring the flowers into the house? They look so pretty outside, but must be so nice cut for indoors too!

  3. very nice backyard and regarding bottles...we stack them in the kitchen cabinet next to the blue bin!!! and I can't take credit for this creative use of limited kitchen space!

  4. A fresh coat of paint always does the trick, and I love your backyard too! We have an old beer crate as well, we use it in our mudroom for shoes ~


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