It was the first day of summer

We were at the park. Court and I wishing that the spray pad were working.  It was the beginning of a heat wave, the beginning of summer, and instead of splashing, Court is hanging upside down on a swing kicking dust in the air.
We decide to get in the car and drive to the nearest splash pad. Not as convenient as across the street but if anything, making the extra effort will wash away the dirt which now covers my son.
There are so  many families here.  I am now the relaxed mom with a book tucked under my arm but I remain slightly envious of the newer parents standing within arms reach of their chubby babies.  Then I remember that I am 39.  Sometimes I look down at my thighs and wish they could be 29 year old thighs and then I realize that eventually you just have to be content and accept.  Buy board shorts or a tankini.  Kinda the same thing with the baby envy although I still find myself tear up a bit when I catch the long legs of my baby run by.
So now I let myself read a page or two before I lift my head to find him in the crowd. He's made a friend already, as is his way, and I go back to my book.


  1. i am a bit jealous!
    my three year old is ok at the park with little intervention...he wants to do everything by himself, but still needs mom to look!

    the baby isnt moving yet. next summer

  2. I love thinking of you quietly reading while Court makes friends and plays :)..... hopefully SO many more lovely days to come .. and at the 'working' splashpad closer by! .. Your beautiful pics get better and better :):) xoxoxoxo l ~i

  3. My kids never loved the splash park, I could never figure that out. Now as for the pool, that they loved. The downfall was that I had to go into the pool with them until they were old enough to go in on their own and now that they are....I'm the mom reading the book too. Love your pictures, as always.


  4. They all grow up ~ look at that smile ~ melts your heart. xo

  5. just spent time scrolling through past posts...

    I like the new look

    and it was nice to have my coffee with you this morning

    hope summer continues to treat you well...
    I am now dreaming of joining you in your lovely backyard with my coffee....or beer...or both

    love to you xo

    me :-) (you know...the old piece of cake)

  6. Good summer fun - looks like a fabulous day!!!

  7. It's December 14th. I'm intentionally placing this here, more out of the way, hoping you'll see it. Please, if you still have contact with Laura Phelps, let her know that I am thinking of her and her family. I'm sure this CT town is where her family lives, or at least close by. I miss her blog posts, but continue to think of her and her precious family regularly. Peace.
    Thank you.

    1. Oh merlin...I hope you are able to see this message or have already learned that Laura's family are safe. Such a horror. I will forward your message.

    2. Thank you. I hope she knows how loved she is, that she is remembered and her children by name: J,B,A and L. Grateful to know her arms continue the privilege of wrapping themselves around each of them. Tara, thank you for your response.


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