It was the first day of summer

We were at the park. Court and I wishing that the spray pad were working.  It was the beginning of a heat wave, the beginning of summer, and instead of splashing, Court is hanging upside down on a swing kicking dust in the air.
We decide to get in the car and drive to the nearest splash pad. Not as convenient as across the street but if anything, making the extra effort will wash away the dirt which now covers my son.
There are so  many families here.  I am now the relaxed mom with a book tucked under my arm but I remain slightly envious of the newer parents standing within arms reach of their chubby babies.  Then I remember that I am 39.  Sometimes I look down at my thighs and wish they could be 29 year old thighs and then I realize that eventually you just have to be content and accept.  Buy board shorts or a tankini.  Kinda the same thing with the baby envy although I still find myself tear up a bit when I catch the long legs of my baby run by.
So now I let myself read a page or two before I lift my head to find him in the crowd. He's made a friend already, as is his way, and I go back to my book.


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