perfect day

Me. Happy at the end of a perfect summer day. I say perfect because it nearly was.

It started early with coffee and Kinfolk in the garden.  I came inside after hanging clothes and whispered in Charlotte's ear.  I was hoping to entice her to get up and go raspberry picking but she didn't fall for it and instead fell back to sleep.  So it was my sidekick and I that headed to the farm and filled our baskets and, if you were him, your belly, with sweet berries.

It was supper time when we packed a picnic and headed to the lake where we cooled off and built castles in the sand.

That was the beginning of what was supposed to be a short week that has in fact felt incredibly long. But I see more summer days like this ahead although they will be somewhat few and far between. Just this morning Court wondered aloud why I worked so much this summer and questioned when my next day off would be.  Tomorrow, dear child, tomorrow.


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