cupid's bow

I made a bag. A big bag with a big red heart. A bag to hold towels, bathing suits and sunscreen should we wish to dash off to the lake, or take up an offer from a pool owning friend. I used some blue denim curtains from Ikea that were picked up for a steal and once hung in my son’s room. Using Ikea curtain fabric for a project is the bomb. Because sometimes the curtain hem can become the hem on your project or in this case the straps on your bag. It will save you a bunch of time and/or thread. I am smart or lazy depending on how you look at things.

Court made a bow. And when we were looking for sticks to become arrows, he found one to be a sling shot.

We took our creations to the park and took pictures. The end.


  1. I was like ~ crazy big bag ~ now I am like ~ smart and frugal woman! Have a great long week-end ~ it's 11:30 and still 31 with the humidex ~ is that not crazy??

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  3. love this! heart the bag, heart the DIY bow and arrows. my middlest does the same :)

  4. That is the best GIANT BAG ever!

    I am thinking about this Giant Bag for fall:

    its shiny!

    OH MAN I WANT IT! But I am not sure it will arrive here before VacatioN!

    Do I impulse buy it right now? (Well, I have been thinking about it for at least 2 weeks!)


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