During the week, the kids are offered cereal for breakfast (Cheerios or...Cheerios anyone?) or if they are really lucky a residual waffle or pancake from the weekend.  Sometimes I'll try and cook up some porridge for Court because he loves it, sprinkled with an unlimited amount of brown sugar.  I recently found myself with lots of leftovers and remembered Amanda's "leftover oatmeal" muffins.  So my bed-headed sidekick and I whipped some up. 

the week that was

Our March break week ended sweetly with plenty of time spent with my boys while Charlotte hung with friends. Although I only took two whole days off of work, the long evenings and the lack of lunch-making made it nice.  And the weather...are we tired of saying how beautiful it was? It was the sun that lured us up to the roof top balcony with cocktails and mocktails in hand. We made pizza and played games outside and in while Court relished in the attention. Tonight I'll spend time with Charlotte while the boys head to a hockey game. If it is as warm as they say it will be, we too will head up to the balcony with our books when I get home from work.  I'll make her favourite noodle bacon for dinner and we'll watch a movie with Selena Gomez in it and I'll pretend it's a great one. I can hardly wait.


A light snow is falling outside and I must admit it is pretty. I know I shouldn't be saying so as just yesterday spring felt around the corner but we haven't had much snow this year and I will tell you it has felt odd.  As I rummaged through the armoire we use as a coat closet I realized that the kids have worn their snowpants only a couple of times. There has been one snow ball fight, one snowman making day, one snow fort. I am excited for spring and the green it will bring but I am also fine with a few more days and nights filled with rosy cheeks, warm fires and soup.

Do you know what is almost better than the Christmas gift Kevin and I gave to each other arriving on our doorstep months later? The box it came in.