pretty sweet

Last week was filled with lots of little stresses that made it long and kind of crappy. But I remember moments where I thought my life is pretty sweet. Kevin roasting beets for a salad that we both love. Beet salad. I was so happy about the salad and the fact that Kevin loves it as much as I do. And the fact that the beets were found at a farmers market that I didn't even know existed. You know the kind that set up shop in a parking lot, tables filled with things like beets and potatoes and honey at the foot of truck beds. Farmers  drinking coffee and chatting to one another. Oh hello farmers I said to myself as I rounded the corner, thank you for making my day.

At the end of crappy week, Kevin called me at work and said he was picking me up and we were going to go to the beach. It happened to be a beautiful Friday but I was feeling too worn out to notice. I think I initially discouraged the plan - but he wouldn't let me stay on the phone long enough to protest - and so off we went.

It felt good to just look out at the water, stick my feet in the sand and watch the kids skip stones. Thank you Kevin for knowing just what I needed even if I didn't.

There was a day this week that called for snow.  Oh April how fickle you are!  One day we are donning shorts on the beach and the next I'm asking for a fire.

I am now at the end of another long week and grateful for the weekend just ahead. A weekend where we don't have too many plans. A weekend that just might include some sweet unexpected things.


I'm not spontaneous. I like to know what the plans are in advance and I don't like it when they change at the last moment. Finding out that your kids were signed up for an after-Easter egg hunt/ movie party on Friday night is kinda a nice thing however.  Suddenly figuring out what to do with a few hours of kid-free time is a challenge and we always waffle between seeing a movie or cozying up at a local pub. It seems the pub always wins.

During the week we have our routines - guitar on Monday, ballet on Wednesday, karate on Thursday...and the library on Tuesday.  The library is one block over and two blocks up and is only open in the evening a couple of days a week.  We like to take the back alley ways and start back home when the sun begins to set, our bag heavy with books.

Easter weekend

This was the extent of my Easter decor. Some pretty brown market eggs in my robin's egg blue Pyrex bowl. The kids did paint some eggs however, using a technique that Kevin suggested??!  They swirled the eggs around in a sieve to which they had added splotches of paint. Unfortunately they decided to use blue, red and yellow. All three primary colours when swirled together make a mostly muddy brown colour. So the brown eggs became...brown eggs.

There were a couple of comments  about Court's skinny jeans in my last post.  The skinny jeans are the only.pants.he.will.wear. We are now down to two pairs that don't have holes in the knees and so on school days you will find me desperately holding up some relaxed ones and pleading for him to wear them.  I've also started to keep track of the first thing he says upon waking in the morning because it always makes me smile. The latest was "Mom...can you bring me my Captain America costume?" 

The backyard is coming alive and I'm hanging sheets on a line.  I put a load in the washer in the morning and come home at lunch to hang them and they dry while I'm at work.

And thank you Instagram for droid users. You can find me @cinnamonpost. 

little hands

Little hands. I love the little hands in some of the shots above.  Even Charlotte's that you can't really see, but the way they are tucked up under her.  I look down at my own hands, 39 years old they are today, and I see my mothers. 

What do you think of my new desk chair? I found it at the side of the road on one of my early morning runs. I had to cut the run short, I did, in order to carry that treasure home. I imagine it had sat forlornly in some high rise basement laundry room and wonder what it has been replaced with. Something, I dare say, that will not last half as long as this one did.

We've spent some time up on the roof and I've placed a basket of blankets just outside the balcony door so that we can wrap ourselves up and watch the sun go down. I'm grateful to have a use for the quilt that was my grandmothers and that is too worn to employ elsewhere. 

Last year we went for pie on my birthday. We are now within walking distance to that little place and I'm finding myself feeling so lucky for that. And for the park across the street and the happy people in it. Oh what a year brings.