August I love you

August has finally blessed me with it's freshness and my enjoyment of this fact should come as no surprise.  There is a slight chill in the air when I awake before dawn and I struggle to find a sweater in the dark to wrap myself in. The days are still bright and hot, not so dreadfully muggy as July's, and the decision to take my holidays this month as opposed to last makes me feel brilliant. So there have been some days away from the office filled with fun and sun and the dearest of friends.  We are discovering even more of this city and the gift of the great lake at our doorstep. There is only one more week to busy the kids before they head back to school and routines and I'm unsure of how I feel about it all.

cupid's bow

I made a bag. A big bag with a big red heart. A bag to hold towels, bathing suits and sunscreen should we wish to dash off to the lake, or take up an offer from a pool owning friend. I used some blue denim curtains from Ikea that were picked up for a steal and once hung in my son’s room. Using Ikea curtain fabric for a project is the bomb. Because sometimes the curtain hem can become the hem on your project or in this case the straps on your bag. It will save you a bunch of time and/or thread. I am smart or lazy depending on how you look at things.

Court made a bow. And when we were looking for sticks to become arrows, he found one to be a sling shot.

We took our creations to the park and took pictures. The end.