February, you aren't so bad

A colleague asked me for my birth date and in turn told me that this year would be about Change, Risk Taking and Freedom. She must be mistaken because last year, 2012, was all about these things for me and my family. We moved from the suburbs to the city and Kevin started a new business. The kids started new schools and made new friends. We have too. I no longer commute and although everyone told me not to take the job, I did it anyway and it has paid off in spades. I love my city. I love its diversity and culture. Its beauty that you have to scratch away at the surface to see. It is there. 

Two weeks ago, when the storm hit, I was able to trudge through the snow drifts to work and was grateful that our vehicle never left the driveway. I came home that day to a Charlotte shoveled walk and the promise that only a weekend can bring. And there have been two of those since then - one hopelessly romantic and the other surrounded by friends. February, you have been fun in spite of yourself. 


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