A March post in April because April deserves its very own. March was about family and finishing hockey. We managed to get away for a few days over the spring break even though spring break meant snow, lots of it, and skiing. There were moments when I was ready to abandon the ski day but we pushed through and it ended up being a highlight of the trip. Court and Charlotte even braved the lift with their father while I waved from below.

The snow has finally disappeared along with our weekend trips to the arena. Last night is just rained and rained.  Court and I walked the neighbourhood with our big umbrellas and ended up at the library where we piled books into my Fieldguided tote. I love this tote which I picked up at a pop up craft show in February and is the perfect size for holding LPs. My affection for the simplest of things makes me happy - this tote, my  heart mittens, although I do wish for it to be warm enough soon not to need the latter.


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